Contacts: What New Lens Wearers Should Know

Wearing contacts for the first time can be exciting, but also quite overwhelming. Contact lenses are beneficial because they allow you to see more than you probably did wearing glasses. Just like with anything that is new to you, it can be intimidating to wear and care for contact lenses. The following are a few tips to help you have success while wearing contact lenses:

Take Your Time

Learning how to take your contacts in and out takes time. It is a learning curve and can take some time to master. You may have some fears initially of scratching your eye or losing the contact lens behind your eyeball. It is a myth that contacts can get lost in your eye, so do not be concerned about that. If you are careful and have clean hands, you will not cause damage to your eye. After a few times of taking your contacts in and out, you will have the process down in no time.

Maintain Good Optical Hygiene

Cleanliness is key to keeping your contacts in good shape and keeping your eyes healthy. You will receive cleaning instructions from your eye doctor that you should follow. The cleaning routine is important but not overly difficult. Before you take your contact lenses in and out, you should clean them with a multipurpose solution. To do this, place the lens in the palm of your hand, wet them with the solution, and gently rub the lens with your fingertip for a few seconds. When you put your contacts in your contact case, remove the old solution and add new each time. Old solution may harbor bacteria that could result in an eye infection. Most importantly, do not touch anything before your hands are clean.

Use the Correct Products for Your Lenses

When you get your contact lenses, your eye doctor will tell you which products to use. Never use a product that is not recommended, since it could damage the lens and cause them to deteriorate faster than normal.

Call Your Eye Doctor with Any Concerns

If you are having problems with your contact lenses, you should reach out to your eye doctor right away. Not all lenses are created equal, and many do not work for everyone. You should not have any discomfort when you wear your contact lenses. If you do have some pain or discomfort, you may need a different type of lens.

Wear Your Contact Lenses Properly

Contacts come in many varieties. Some are daily wear and are replaced each day. Other contacts are meant to wear monthly, which means you dispose of them after that time and replace them with a new pair. Always follow the instructions for your lenses to ensure your eyes remain healthy and your contacts last as long as they should.

For more information, contact an eye doctor in your area.