How an Optometrist Can Treat Dry Eyes

A person with dry eyes doesn’t have sufficient tears to lubricate their eyes. Every time you blink, tears spread across the cornea. Tears lubricate the eyes and reduce your risk of an eye infection. They also eliminate foreign matter and keep the surface of your eyes smooth.  When you have excess tears, they flow into the back of your nose. Dry eyes arise when your production and drainage of tears aren’t balanced.

Contacts: What New Lens Wearers Should Know

Wearing contacts for the first time can be exciting, but also quite overwhelming. Contact lenses are beneficial because they allow you to see more than you probably did wearing glasses. Just like with anything that is new to you, it can be intimidating to wear and care for contact lenses. The following are a few tips to help you have success while wearing contact lenses: Take Your Time Learning how to take your contacts in and out takes time.