3 Tips For Choosing An Eye Doctor

It’s important to see an eye doctor regularly for eye exams and for any necessary treatments. Of course, before you can go to the eye doctor regularly, you will have to actually find a good eye doctor. If you don’t have an eye doctor and if you’re wondering how to find one, start by following these tips. 1. Ask Around First of all, you should ask around before choosing an eye doctor.

Times When You Shouldn't Wear Your Contact Lenses That You Might Not Think About

If you’ve just gotten contact lenses and are almost used to them, you might find yourself having days where you forget the lenses are in. That’s a good sign that you’re adjusting well, but it can be an issue if you encounter a situation in which you shouldn’t wear the lenses. You have to be aware of when to take them out and what to do about your vision instead while dealing with whatever is going on.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Eye Exams?

You may have heard the wisdom that you should have your eyes checked by an eye doctor every year, but you may not realize all of the services that are provided during that quick visit to an eye care center. Here are some of the benefits of eye exams.  Avoid Eye Damage with Incorrect Prescriptions The first thing that eye doctors can help with is making sure that you have the right prescription.

What You Need to Know When Considering Contact Lenses for Your Teen

If your teen has just been diagnosed with nearsightedness, he or she may request contacts instead of glasses. Additionally, a teen that has been wearing glasses for a few years may now decide that contact lenses would be a better choice. As a parent, there are a few things you’ll want to know before opting to have your child fitted for contact lenses.  Is the Teen Responsible? Age isn’t really a factor, as even babies who have had cataract surgery are prescribed contact lenses.

FAQs About Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are more than just a nuisance. It can put you at risk for other problems that could impact your vision on a long-term basis. If you are suffering from dry eye syndrome, here is what you need to know.  Why Is Treating Dry Eyes Important? Dry eyes occur when your eyes are not getting enough lubrication. You can experience discomfort and stinging. More importantly, the lack of lubrication can leave you vulnerable to eye infections, inflammation, corneal abrasion, and corneal ulcers.

How Dirty Eyeglasses Can Affect Your Vision

Doing a thorough job of cleaning your eyeglasses isn’t just about removing smudges from the lenses so that you can see better. You need to clean away the bacteria that contaminate the frames and lenses as well. Otherwise, you could be risking eye infections or even corneal abrasions. How Bacteria Get On Your Eyeglasses Bacteria and other germs are found almost anywhere. Therefore, it’s easy to transfer the bacteria that get on your hands to your eyeglasses when you touch them.

What Are Eye Floaters? Should They Worry You?

Have you noticed a tiny “spot” in your visual field? Maybe this spot is most pronounced when you look at something bright or something that’s plain white in color. Though this spot may concern you, it’s likely just what eye doctors refer to as a “floater.” Here’s a closer look at floaters, what causes them, and when you need to be concerned about them. What are floaters? At the back of your eye, there is a compartment filled with a fluid called vitreous humor.

Why Does Your Eye Doctor Shoot A Puff Of Air Into Your Eye?

For many people, the strangest part of the eye exam is when the eye doctor uses a special device to shoot a puff of air in their eyes. This test feels odd, though not painful, and it is a very important part of the eye exam. With the eye puff test, your doctor is testing your eye pressure to determine whether you’re at risk for glaucoma, a serious ailment that can lead to progressive blindness.

Should You Seek Surgical Removal Of Your Cataracts?

If you’ve recently noticed a cloudiness or fuzziness in your vision that doesn’t go away with a good night’s sleep, you may be dismayed to learn that this cloudiness is being caused by the permanent weakening of your eyes’ lenses, causing them to form cataracts. You’re likely anxious to do whatever is necessary to preserve your vision for as long as possible. However, undergoing surgery on your eyes can be an intimidating prospect, and you may be reluctant to entrust your vision to a sharp scalpel or powerful laser beam.

Vision Too Blurry To Needle Craft? 3 Ways You Can Bring The Details Into Focus

Needle crafts, such as embroidery and cross stitch, require precise movements, unwavering dedication, and a sharp eye for fine detail. Unfortunately, though, focusing on tiny, intricate detail is tiresome even for the healthiest of eyes. Hours of staring down at minute stitches on fabric is enough to make anyone’s eyes blurry. But if you have vision problems to begin with, you might have difficulty focusing on your projects regardless of how fresh your eyes are.

4 Tips For The First Time Contact Wearer

If you’re visually impaired and need corrective lenses, eye contacts can be the ideal solution. They are just as effective as eyeglasses, but they are much more convenient when playing sports or enjoying outdoor activities, and they can totally change your look if you have been wearing glasses for years. However, the first time you take out a pair of contacts to insert into your eyes, it can be a little bit intimidating.

Four Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Glasses

When you have new glasses, it can be such an adjustment getting used to looking through the lenses and feeling the frames on your face that you don’t necessarily stop to think about how to take care of the glasses. Sure, you know that washing the lenses is important, but there are a wide range of other things that you should do if you want to prolong the life of your new specs.

Four Things You May Not Know About Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the more common surgeries performed in the United States. Without treatment, cataracts can lead to blindness, so if you start to notice a glare and have trouble reading and blurred vision, it’s important to get your eyes tested to see if the trouble is just that you need a new prescription for your glasses or you’re developing cataracts. Cataracts tend to develop gradually, and surgery isn’t usually covered by insurance or Medicare until vision has deteriorated to a certain point.

Three Tips To Help You Care For Your New Prescription Eyewear

If you have recently started to develop vision issues, it may be necessary for you to get prescription eyeglasses. However, if you have never owned this type of eyewear, you may not be sure about the type of care that is required to maintain them. For this reason, you may benefit from using these three eyewear care tips to help avoid causing accidental damage to your eyeglasses. Rinse Your Glasses Before Cleaning Them

A Look At Three Conditions That May Make It Feel Like There's Something In Your Eye

Do you feel like there’s something in your eye, even though your eye otherwise appears to be fine and you can’t see anything lingering on its surface? If so, it’s important to see an eye doctor. Oftentimes, this is a sign of a more serious underlying condition such as the following. Sjogren’s Syndrome Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune condition in which your immune system begins attacking the moisture-producing tissues in your eyes, nose and mouth.

Five Ways That The Right Pair Of Glasses Can Improve Your Appearance

Confused about what style and color of glasses frames to choose? With all the styles and colors available today, finding the right pair can feel overwhelming, and because glasses are a significant investment, no one wants to get stuck with a pair that has a negative impact on their appearance. Following are five ways that the right pair of high fashion eyewear can make you look better. Choose Glasses That Complement Your Eye Color

Why Is Your Vision Blurry All Of The Sudden?

When your vision suddenly becomes blurry, it’s natural to be a bit scared and worried. You may even fear that you’re going blind! But the truth is that while sudden blurriness is sometimes a symptom of a serious problem, it can also have a rather minor cause. Here’s a look at the possible causes of sudden visual blurriness and some tips for determining which is most likely to blame. Ocular Migraines

A Few Tips To Help You Care For Your New Eyeglasses

Glasses can be a convenient way of correcting your vision problems, but these vision aids can be rather expensive. This makes it critical to take careful care of these devices to ensure that they last for as long as possible. Unfortunately, if you are a new eyeglass wearer, you may not be fully aware of the type of care that your glasses require. Luckily, you can use the following few tips to help ensure that your glasses are kept safe from some common types of damage.

3 Ways Your Eyes Are Telling You That You May Have An Underlying Health Problem

The eyes can tell you a lot about what you want to know about a person. What you may not realize, though, is that your eyes can give you a wealth of insight into your own health. While you should never play doctor, it doesn’t hurt to know what looking in the mirror will tell you about yourself. Here are three ways your eyes are trying to tell you that there is a problem: