What Are The Benefits Of Regular Eye Exams?

You may have heard the wisdom that you should have your eyes checked by an eye doctor every year, but you may not realize all of the services that are provided during that quick visit to an eye care center. Here are some of the benefits of eye exams. 

Avoid Eye Damage with Incorrect Prescriptions

The first thing that eye doctors can help with is making sure that you have the right prescription. Your eyes' health can change over the course of the year, meaning that you may need to update your prescription this often. Even slight changes in your prescription needs can make an impact; if you don't have a strong enough prescription, it causes more strain on your eyes as they try to see, which can lead to more eye damage in turn. 

Prevent Disease

Regular visits to an eye care center can be key to preventing eye diseases, or at least catching them early. If your doctor notices the early signs of an eye disease, or finds that you have a family history of disease, they can recommend you preventative care. For instance, those with macular degenerative diseases that run in their family should wear strong protective eyewear when they are in direct sunlight to prevent the eye's muscles from getting strained.  

Diagnose Disease

Eye diseases aren't all that your eye doctor can diagnose through a routine eye exam. Your doctor may also notice the signs of hypertension through blood-shot eyes or damaged blood vessels. Diabetes can also be detected sometimes, since the eyes may leak a yellow fluid if you have the disease. Bulging eyeballs can provide a clue that you have a thyroid disease. Of course, you may need to follow up with a regular care provider in order to get a full diagnosis and treatment plan for these diseases, but catching them early during your eye exam can often lead you to find illnesses that you may not have caught until they started to have more severe symptoms. 

Resolve Headaches

Finally, your eye doctor may finally provide an explanation for those pesky symptoms that you haven't been able to understand. Headaches are a big one. Your eye doctor may not be the first person you turn to for a headache cure, but sometimes your headaches are related to eye strain. It's beneficial to talk through any recurring symptoms you have, in case your eye doctor has a potential solution. In short, the routine eye exam can provide a lot more value than you can see at the surface. 

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