4 Tips For The First Time Contact Wearer

If you're visually impaired and need corrective lenses, eye contacts can be the ideal solution. They are just as effective as eyeglasses, but they are much more convenient when playing sports or enjoying outdoor activities, and they can totally change your look if you have been wearing glasses for years. However, the first time you take out a pair of contacts to insert into your eyes, it can be a little bit intimidating. If you're a first time contact wearer, use the following tips:

Always Wash Your Hands

Before handling your contacts, it is essential to thoroughly wash your hands. This is important in order to avoid transferring germs into your eyes and will also ensure that you don't get your contacts dirty before they are even inserted. Ideally, you should use a gentle, scent-free hand soap, and then dry your hands with a microfiber cloth or a lint-free towel.

Get Into a Routine of Putting in the Same Contact Every Time

Most people do not have the same prescription for each eye, so contacts are typically different strengths. When you get your first pair of contacts, it is a good idea to always put the same contact in first. This will help prevent you from putting a contact in the wrong eye and having to take it out and start over. In the evening, do the same and always take out the same contact first so your contacts never get placed in the wrong compartment of your case.

Never Sleep with your Contacts In

While there are a few brands of extended wear contacts that have been approved to worn by sleeping, the majority of contacts need to be taken out each evening before bed. Failure to do so can lead to eye irritation, redness, small scratches to the surface of your eyes, and even very serious infections that can permanently damage your vision. No matter how tired you are, always spend a few minutes removing your contact lenses and putting them away properly.

Clean Your Contacts Regularly

It is extremely important to clean your contacts according to the directions provided to you by your eye doctor. In many cases, you can use an all-in-one contact solution and disinfectant in your contact case each night to get your contacts clean. Never reuse contact solution-- your contact case containers need to be emptied each morning, and fresh solution needs to be added each night. In addition to keeping your contacts clean, make sure you regularly clean your contact case in order to avoid contaminating your contact lenses.