Four Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Glasses

When you have new glasses, it can be such an adjustment getting used to looking through the lenses and feeling the frames on your face that you don't necessarily stop to think about how to take care of the glasses. Sure, you know that washing the lenses is important, but there are a wide range of other things that you should do if you want to prolong the life of your new specs. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

Wash Them The Right Way

Certain washing techniques can end up scratching your lenses or even removing the protective coatings that you paid for when you ordered your glasses. You should exclusively clean your glasses with a proper cleaning kit provided by your optometrist. The cleaning solution won't damage your lenses, which won't necessarily be the case if you use a household cleaner. Likewise, the microfiber cloth will not scratch the lenses, whereas using your shirt could cause damage.

Remove Them Before Play

When you're new to wearing glasses, you'll need to get in the habit of knowing when to remove them—even if it means that you don't see as well. If you're roughhousing with your children, for example, it's a good idea to set your specs aside. An errant headbutt or elbow can easily cause damage to the glasses and possibly even break them completely. You won't run this risk when your glasses are in a safe place.

Keep Them Out Of Hot Environments

Being in hot areas and in direct sunlight can be detrimental to your glasses as the heat can actually warp the plastic frames or the nose pads. This means that you should avoid keeping your glasses in your automobile, which could be tempting if you primarily wear them for driving. Additionally, don't forget them outside if you go inside after you've been relaxing by the pool or on the deck.

Store Them Carefully

While it might occasionally be tempting to slip your glasses into your shirt pocket when you're not wearing them, you might retrieve them later and notice that the lenses are scratched. You'll greatly improve the lifespan of your glasses by always storing them carefully. This means keeping them in the provided hard case when they're not on your face. Always position them with the lenses facing upward, too, and close the case when it's not in use so that it won't gather dust particles that could scratch the lenses.

For more information on the proper care of your glasses, check with an optometrist in your area.