Five Ways That The Right Pair Of Glasses Can Improve Your Appearance

Confused about what style and color of glasses frames to choose? With all the styles and colors available today, finding the right pair can feel overwhelming, and because glasses are a significant investment, no one wants to get stuck with a pair that has a negative impact on their appearance. Following are five ways that the right pair of high fashion eyewear can make you look better.

Choose Glasses That Complement Your Eye Color

If you've got blue eyes, you can further show them off by choosing glass frames that match the color of your eyes. You won't need eyeshadow while wearing these. If you've got green or hazel eyes, accent them with green glasses frames -- same for brown and black eyes too.

Wear Cat Eyes to Highlight Cheek Bones  Highlight your cheekbones by wearing a pair of glasses with slightly upturned corners. Commonly known as "Cat Eyes," these glasses are also good for those who want to appear a bit younger. The upturned shape draws the eye upward and provides your face with a visual lift.

Wear Certain Colors and Finishes for a More Youthful Look  Today's senior citizens are living longer and better lives than at any time in history, and it shows in how they look and dress. If you're a baby boomer who wants to keep that youthful air that your generation is known for, pick a pair of glasses that promotes a youthful appearance. Light, shiny frames turn back the visual clock for women, while men look younger in frames in burgundy, brown, and gunmetal gray. 

Balance the Shape of Your Face

Round glasses can do wonders to soften the edges of a square face, and rectangular shaped frames make round faces look less round. Oversized frames are good for providing balance to long faces. 

Cultivate Professional Trust With Classic, Conservative Frames 

Your face is the first thing about you that people connect with, and that means that the glasses you select are a significant part of your overall image. Fun, arty glasses are appropriate for those who work in creative fields such as advertising, but if you're employed in an industry such as finance or law, you'll cultivate more professional trust among potential clients if you choose traditional frames.

Of course, there's no rule that states that you must only own one pair of glasses. You can let your playful side out on weekends, for instance, with a pair of cat-eye glasses with leopard print frames and be all business at the office with a conservative frames in gray, black, or brown. Ask your optometrist to recommend a site where you can upload a photo and virtually try on as many pairs as you want in order to find the frames that are just right.